August 2, 2020

“More Than I Imagined” with Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd

Today’s guest is fellow photographer and mother of two, Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd. Ilsa’s work is literally breathtaking, she has this way with a camera that fully outweighs the strengths of many people in our field – it’s a true encapsulation of Motherhood and completely unique.


Isla is a Mother to Wolfgang and Thea, and in this episode she talks about craving a big chaotic family dynamic that she didn't quite have, with only one sibling, growing up. Ilsa and I also talk about how having kids doesn’t necessarily need to prevent you from living life, whether that be travelling (though COVID-19 may have thrown a spanner in the works there), or simply doing things that you’ve always wanted to do. Motherhood enhanced life for Ilsa, and led her down the path of photography, capturing motherhood in all its beauty. 


Ilsa is truly generous with her responses, so it’s a juicy one. Enjoy!



Show Notes:

Find Ilsa's website Here & Instagram here


Original Music by J. Dale Pearson


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