September 15, 2019

“Rhythms & rituals” with Naomi Chrisoulakis

Naomi Chrisoulakis is a postpartum Doula delivering nourishing food to new Mums and offering in-home support that helps women ease into Motherhood. She also runs her own excellent podcast called ‘Tales from the Fourth Trimester’. In this episode, we discuss Naomi’s shift from glossy magazine journalist to Mother & postpartum Doula, the importance of rest and recovery during the elusive fourth trimester, creating rhythms and rituals as a family, the difficulty of maintaining catch-ups with friends whilst running a business AND being a Mother, and learning to surrender. A really insightful conversation for any pregnant Mothers out there, or people who are close to somebody about to birth a baby sometime soon.

Intro music by J. Dale Pearson

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